Shipment and Packaging

To have delivered our products is good to know that we ship all over the world covered by insurance.

All packages are placed directly by us, to ensure greater safety and care.

In particular, the articles are lined with polystyrene sheets (2 cm thick) inside boxes double wave of excellent quality. If, within the box, they are placed more than one, the pieces are packed with plastic wrap to air bubbles and spaced from one another to ensure that they are not in contact during transport and handling.

For achievements in lava stone, the slabs are lined with polystyrene sheets (2 cm thick) in wooden boxes (plywood 2 cm thick).

Prices for international shipping are determined from time to time as it depend on the country of destination (though we make use of several companies of reference in order to keep down costs).

For shipments in Italy for purchases above 300 Euros, packaging, insurance and shipping, are totally free.

For purchases of less than 300 Euros the contribution necessary, packaging, insurance and shipping, is 16 Euros.

The costs of product shipments in lava are agreed from time to time as it must also take into account the cost of the case, encumbrance and weight.


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