Our story

Our artisan company was founded in 1984. The artisan family allowed Salvatore Floridia, eldest son of a family of five members, to involve in particular the brothers (Giuseppe and Massimo) in a fascinating artistic reality and to realize over the years a significant expansion production for variety and quality of products, bringing the past decade the company to attend events and international fairs among the best.

The craft workshop is born producing monochrome and polychrome earthenware figurines, that with the realization of the scenes in clay, on which they were placed, are able to revive the 800 scenes of everyday life that have disappeared, who are in the narrative "Verista" Giovanni Verga's a natural setting ("La Giara" for example). The production of figurines found a particular inspiration in the creation of monumental earthenware nativity scenes, typical of the artisan tradition of Caltagirone among the most important in the international crib scene.


After the first 5 years of operation the company has started to produce Ceramics Art. It has created a wide variety of production, which today is realized and that includes: tableware, interior decoration, lights, personalized wedding favors, gifts, panels with artistic representations, earthenware figurines of all sizes for cribs, lava stone tables decorated with classic decor and modern (whose use is recommended either for indoor and outdoor) and wall tiles for every environment. The last frontier of production was the experimental one, with the realization of decorative designs especially "Abstract" and the integration of decorative elements with other ceramic materials, such as glass. Also the industrial productions have been the subject of productive experimentation, as in the case of decorative tiles for bathrooms, kitchens and other environments. In these cases the decorations traditional craft enabled the enhancement of industrial production, which guarantee easier marketing and placement of the finished product.

All creations are always the result of the professionalism and passion of the best master craftsmen who work in our city, which we regularly uses for the creation of each piece, and also thanks to the collaboration with engineers and designers, among the best operating in eastern Sicily, they allowed to raise the quality of production of our company.

Through this artistic and professional route, we are pleased to participate in various national and international exhibitions and fairs, to every trade fair taking place in Sicily (Catania, Messina, Palermo, Syracuse and Vittoria); Christmas exhibitions in Rome, Florence and Magenta (MI); Exhibition of Crotone, Yacht Med Festival in Gaeta, the AF "L’artigiano in Fiera" in Milan; in exhibitions held in New York, Tokyo, Dubai, Paris, Moscow, Barcelona, ​​London and traveling exhibitions in Canada, USA, and South America.

We were also present at the Norman Palace in Palermo, in the store of the Foundation "Federico II".

We realized in 2007 with the firm Cesame of Catania, an agreement for the construction of new lines of decoration on sanitary by making “unique industrial work”.

Ceramics Art "Salvatore Floridia" are in possession of the brand and registration DE.CO.P. of the City of Caltagirone, which certifies the typical production and guarantees denomination.


Mail address: salvatore.floridia@tin.it

Phone: +39 0933 060030

Cell phone: 3382784641

Tax code: FLRSVT61P09B428U

VAT number: 02276560873

Facebook: Salvatore Eugenio Ceramiche Floridia

Google +: Ceramiche d'Arte Floridia Salvatore


Shop: Via Vittorio Emanuele, 76-78, Caltagirone (CT), ITALIA.

Laboratory: Via Gravina, 5.

Shop hours: 9:00 - 13:30, 15:30 - 19:30.

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