Here are listed the services that we supply to our customers, over the years we have developed a great experience in putting at your disposal our expertise and professionalism.

  • Creativity workshops - Ceramic Courses
  • Tour of the city
  • Guided tours
  • Collaborations with jewelers
  • Services for restaurants, bars and ice cream parlors

Creativity workshops - Ceramic Courses

Result of the experience of decades of teaching in the institutes of all levels and with almost forty years of laboratory activities, we develop educational workshops and creative ceramics courses for schools and groups of people of all ages and having any personal experience. With professionalism and kindness we can get everyone to interact with the world of pottery making him create a piece that leaves entirely out of their hands. Here is the link to download the quote with all the information on the costs and modalities of courses.

Download quote ceramic courses and workshops

Tour of the city

Availing competent workers, with organization in due course, we supply an accompaniment service of groups in the collection points and on those with greater attraction in Caltagirone, with explanations and history attached.

Guided tours

We invite you to visit our shop and workshop to view all our production and all stages of processing of the ceramic product. In addition we will take you through the discovery of our ceramic culture with historical notions about objects most representative of our tradition as the  Bummulo Malandrino, Bevi se puoi and the heads of Moro. In laboratory instead guests can watch the birth and the realization of some objects; from clay to the finished product.

Collaborations with jewelers

For jewelers and professionals we supply a service provided exclusively licensed in the area of competence, jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets and earrings made entirely of ceramics of Caltagirone, strictly handmade. We can make a supply of only pearls and create personalized jewelry from every jeweler using the materials you prefer, such as combining the pearls supports gold or silver. For more information on the costs of supplies, all the organizational and shipping contact us in private.

Services for restaurants, bars and ice cream parlors

For restaurants, pizzerias, bars, ice cream parlors, hotels and any business accommodation we supply a customization service of dishes, vilindri for wine, Bummuli Malandrini, cannate, ovaline, trays and any other object of your desire. We also produce signs in lava stone ceramicized
or ceramic and any other custom object that you want to use to set up and / or decorate your activities.itĂ .